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The first Rotary District to which Kentucky clubs were assigned was District 6, established in 1915-16. It embraced all of the four states of Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee. In 1917-18, the territorial limits of District 6 were changed to remove Mississippi. In 1922-23, District 23 was formed including in its territory all of Kentucky, all of Tennessee except the county of Shelby and a part of Virginia (that portion west of the eastern boundaries of the counties of Tazewell, Smyth and Washington).

In 1925-26, Kentucky was made a District by itself (18). This arrangement continued until 1937, when the annual Conference of District 18, held at Lexington, voted to divide Kentucky into two Districts. W. L. Matthews, of Bowling Green, was elected Governor of the new 161st District embracing Western Kentucky clubs and O. O. (June) Thompson, of Newport, was elected Governor of the new District 162 (Eastern Kentucky). Territory then assigned to District 161 included that portion of the state west of the western boundaries of the counties of Boone, Grant, Scott, Fayette, Jessamine, Garrard, Lincoln, Pulaski, and McCreary counties.

During the Rotary year 1942-43 a slight change was made in the territorial limits of District 161 by reassigning Woodford County to District 162. That change was effective January 1, 1943. In 1949-50, District 233 was created and all the territory previously embraced by District 161 was assigned thereto. There were no boundary changes.

In 1957-58, District 671 was formed encompassing the territory previously assigned to District 233. There have been no subsequent changes in its territorial limits. As of July 1, 1991, all existing Districts had a zero (0) added to their District number. Hence, 671 became 6710.