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Membership Development

Chair: Nancy Jo Trafton
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Club: Louisville

To be effective, a Rotary club needs members. Your club’s ability to serve the community, support The Rotary Foundation, and develop leaders capable of serving Rotary beyond the club level is directly related to the size and strength of its membership base. District 6710 has identified Membership Representatives to assist each club in their assigned AG area. Click here to learn more about Membership from RI. 

Club Extension


The district extension committee works under the direction of the governor to develop and implement a plan to organize new Rotary clubs within the district. Committee members:

  • Identify communities without Rotary clubs that have a population capable of meeting the requirements for chartering a new club
  • Identify communities where additional Rotary clubs could be established without detracting from existing clubs
  • Assist in organizing and establishing new clubs

Referrals and Transfers

  • Moving? 
  • Want to come back home to Rotary?
  • Need to transfer to a new club home?
  • Want to refer someone who would potentially make an outstanding Rotarian?

Use the Rotarian Relocation and Referral Form

For more information on Referrals, Relocations, and Transfers