Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta has challenged all of us to EACH ONE BRING ONE this year. To empower your members to share Rotary with others, we’ve put together this digest of tips and tools—all designed to support our District’s 2021-22 Attraction & Engagement Challenge.

Feel free to adapt, customize and dream up your own creative ideas. We’re here to help you! 

Alice Bridges   District 6710 Membership Chair            

Travis Keller    District 6710 Vice Chair



  • Tell your members about the Each One, Bring One campaign by using one of the templates below or create your own:
 Template for internal club communications
Newsletter or weekly update template
  • Designate an Each One, Bring One campaign coordinator. This is a great opportunity for a member looking for a leadership opportunity in your club.
  • Bring one…keep two! Just as routine doctor’s visits help identify health risks before they become serious, a Club Health Check can help club leaders diagnose problem areas and prescribe remedies. You should also ask your members for their feedback…here is a great tool to help you create a Member Satisfaction Survey Toolkit you can customize for your club.



  • Complete the Sharing the Rotary Experience Activity at a club meeting. This is a great activity to use in place of a speaker. Clubs that complete the activity, report it build camaraderie as members share their own memories and special experiences in Rotary.
  • Develop a solid plan for welcoming and engaging guests. One way is to use this Guest Welcome script or adapt to your own style. Encourage current members to approach guests to
    introduce themselves. 
  • Create a handout that describes your Rotary Club that you can share with guests and prospective members. The Rotary Brand Center has an easy-to-use online tool that enables you to create a customized brochure that can be shared electronically or printed out. 
  • Continue sharing information about Each One, Bring One in your club’s newsletter and in meeting announcements.


  • Remind your members about Each One, Bring One and internally recognize the members who participate. Consider a 1-2 minute acknowledgement/thank you during your club meeting for members who participated last month.
  • Devote a club meeting to Each One, Bring One and use this Prospective Member Exercise to identify leaders in your community.
  • Share the handout you created about your Rotary Club with your members and encourage them to use it to share with friends and colleagues who might be interested in joining. 
  • Continue sharing information about Each One, Bring One in your club’s newsletter and in meeting announcements.


  • Follow up with people who have visited your Club, answer their questions, and make it easy for them to join. Did you know DACdb has a tool that allows you to create an online membership application? That’s how most people expect to do business today!
  • Complete the Attraction and Engagement scorecard for your club by May 8. The District Membership Chair will send it to each club to complete and return. At the 2022 District Conference on May 20-21 in Owensboro, the top point-earning clubs will receive:

1st Place: $1,000 & Paul Harris Fellowship for the Club’s Membership Chair

2nd Place: $750

3rd Place: $500

  • Continue sharing information about Each One, Bring One in your club’s newsletter and in meeting announcements.


  • Consider hosting a community virtual or in-person “open house” to celebrate your members and the community you serve. Here is a link to how one club used a “Meet Rotary” event to highlight the important work of Rotary while identifying opportunities for others to get involved.
  • As the Rotary year ends, think about ways your club can continue to engage with current and future members.
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